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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

St.Mathew 13: 1-9 - Jesus never 'Idolized' to be an extraordinary rather He had the 'Imagination' of an extraordinary.

This is one of the passages in the Bible where we see a very patient Jesus with respect to his teaching and preaching..

This is evident in few things as follows:...The passage begins from the phrase 'that same day' which means an array of events happened before this. E.g. jesus heals a blind and dumb, argues more than once with the Pharisees, etc..

Then we see a patient teacher who goes on to explain the said parable..v. 19 - 23 .Thus the direction I would like to move in dealing with this passage is not by explaining what our Lord has already explained so beautifully..rather..

I would like to trod on a different road...the road which would take us to the psyche of our Lord..the reasons to why Jesus spoke through parables

St.Mathew 13: 1-9 -Theological education (From a soil perspective)

Wayside: When we hear, and let the fowls devour them (v.4) When we are exposed to all kinds of teaching, bad enough to confuse us and let us out in the cold.

We are unable to attain stability, rootedness, passion or growth, but sway to and fro with everything that we see and hear.