Tuesday, July 12, 2016

St.Mathew 13: 1-9 -Theological education (From a soil perspective)

Wayside: When we hear, and let the fowls devour them (v.4) When we are exposed to all kinds of teaching, bad enough to confuse us and let us out in the cold.

We are unable to attain stability, rootedness, passion or growth, but sway to and fro with everything that we see and hear.

Stony places: Shaped by a theology that is superficial and has no scope for rooting. Everything is just about the outside and nothing within.

Prosperity theology is one of the stony places, one which makes sounds but is not deep nor has any real room for transformation.

Thorny places: A state when you are closed, rebellious and unwilling to let yourself accept the seeds of the Word and challenges of the changing times.

When the thorns of your prejudices and your age old beliefs- strangulates and hurts any possibility for transformation.

Fertile ground: When the soil breaks itself to accept the seed (gospel). The process involves breaking of set notions, traditional beliefs and challenges you to read, interpret, question and seek meaning. This exercise will bear much fruit.

Rev. Prince Varghese

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St.Mathew 13: 1-9 -Theological education (From a soil perspective)
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