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Why we call kerala as Gods own country. Is there any fact ?

Kerala, Gods own country. United Nations included Kerala in its heritage places list. Then all above how the state more meaningful for its name Gods own country. Here below the list

Gods own country

  1. The first beggar-free city in India.
  2. India’s first ‘Digital State’ -2015
  3. The first state to have 100% banking inclusion - 2007
  4. First school for girls (1859) unprecedented in the Indian subcontinent
  5. The First mosque in India is 629 AD( 7th oldest in the world)
  6. The First church in India (52 AD). Christianity has been in Kerala longer than it has been in Europe.
  7. First synagogue in India
  8. (the oldest active synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations)
  9. The first state in India to reach 100% literacy rate.
  10. The first state in India to receive rain from the Southwest monsoon :)
  11. UNICEF and the World Health Organization(WHO) declared  Kerala the world's first "baby-friendly state"
  12. Listed in world top 5 family destinations by Lonely Planet repeatedly (in 2016 as well)
  13. UN awarded Kerala for its global leadership in creating innovative initiatives for sustainable tourism, (the first time India has ever won the recognition)
  14. National Geographic - Ten Paradises of the world' and '50 of the world's top places to see
  15. Highest Human Development Index
  16. The highest literacy rate
  17. The highest life expectancy(77yrs)
  18. The highest sex ratio (F more the M)
  19. The highest media exposure (99%)
  20. Highest % of elders (12.6 %)
  21. Cleanest city 2016 -Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) on the basis solid municipal waste mgmt 
  22. Highest per capita liquor consumption
  23. Highest gold buyers (20 % India yearly)
  24. The highest mobile penetration
  25. Highest road density in India (5,268.69 km per 1,000 sqm km
  26. Highest home ownership (87.5 %)
  27. The highest rural per capita consumption per month
  28. Highest Remittances -40% of India
  29. Rs 1 lakh crore ($14.9 billion) in the third quarter of 2015-16.
  30. Highest hospitals bed 330 beds per 100000
  31. Kerala with only 2.76 per cent of Indian population, utilises  nearly 15 percent of the consumer durables in India
  32. The leading destination for luxury cars (13 % sales of premium cars.)
  33. The highest profit making circle of BSNL is Kerala in the country
  34. Ranks second as the state with least poverty (Goa is 1) .7%  while the national average is 21.92%.
  35. Lowest maternal mortality rate.
  36. Lowest Infant mortality rate (12 per 1,000 ) India stands at 44!
  37. Lowest Hunger index -17.66 (India is 23.31.)
  38. The lowest population growth rate.
  39. The least corrupted state. 
  40. All the 11 public services are ranked the least corrupt in the country
  41. Only state where Ayurveda is still the mainstream medicine
  42. 25% of India's 15,000 plant species are in Kerala.
  43. Supplies 60% of world's white coir fibre.
  44.  The world's oldest teak plantation.
  45. Has the oldest existing martial art form, Kalaripayattu, dates back more than 2000 years.
  46. Has the oldest library. (184 years)
  47. Richest temple in the world: - Padmanabhaswamy Temple is in Kerala. This is also the richest place of worship in the world of all times with estimated $22 billion worth of gold and jewels stored in underground vaults (not accounting for historical value)
  48. Kerala is the only state in India with palliative care policy (Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness)
  49. Kerala has only 3% of India's population but It provides two-thirds of India's palliative care services.
  50. Kerala had been a notable centre of Vedic learning, having produced one of the most influential Hindu philosophers, Adi Shankaracharya.
  51. In feudal Kerala, though only the Nambudiris received an education in Vedas, other castes as well as women were open to receive education in Sanskrit, mathematics and astronomy, in contrast to other parts of India
  52. This level of learning by non-Brahmin learning was not seen in other parts of India.
  53. Three gold loan companies in Kerala have more precious metal in their vaults than the gold reserves of Singapore, Sweden or Australia.
  54. World's Largest and Longest Teak are in Kerala.
  55. World's Only Teak Museum is in Nilambur, Kerala .
  56. The only drive in Beach in India is Muzhuppilangadi, Kannur, North Kerala

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Why we call kerala as Gods own country. Is there any fact ?
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