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St.Mathew 13: 1-9 - Jesus never 'Idolized' to be an extraordinary rather He had the 'Imagination' of an extraordinary.

This is one of the passages in the Bible where we see a very patient Jesus with respect to his teaching and preaching..

This is evident in few things as follows:...The passage begins from the phrase 'that same day' which means an array of events happened before this. E.g. jesus heals a blind and dumb, argues more than once with the Pharisees, etc..

Then we see a patient teacher who goes on to explain the said parable..v. 19 - 23 .Thus the direction I would like to move in dealing with this passage is not by explaining what our Lord has already explained so beautifully..rather..

I would like to trod on a different road...the road which would take us to the psyche of our Lord..the reasons to why Jesus spoke through parables

1. Jesus was never 'pressed' by the ordinary mundane rather he was always 'Impressed' by it

The reason I say this is because our Lord who is fully human as well as God at the same time did have a very tiresome, frustrating, aggressive day. We too at a given day face such day...totally busted..out and out drained. But it is noteworthy to check jesus' body language. He is calm and composed.

In the words of Commentator Ravi Shastri..'He is cool as a cucumber'

v.1 - 2. Further he was 'impressed' by the ordinary and mundane activity of sowing seeds. How impressed are we from our ordinary and mundane?

2. Jesus was never 'impeded' by the Holy Spirit but was rather always 'Inspired' by it...

The word 'impeded' means to be an obstacle in progression. Jesus never felt been obstructed by the HS. We may feel so at times in our lives due to our sinful ungodly nature.

But sinless as He was..HS was his source of strength. He was always 'inspired'by it. Thus the way Jesus answered the queries of his disciples from v.10 -17 was the inspiration from the HS which our Lord acquired. Are we inspired by the HS or is it an impediment in our lives?

3. Jesus never 'Idolized' to be an extraordinary rather He had the 'Imagination' of an extraordinary. . .

The mannerisms which our Lord shows here was that of an extraordinary individual. Its so evident that he was speaking to people with 'ears' but his statement 'He who has ears let him hear' v.9 is the voice of an extraordinary revolutionary.

 Who is ready to question..react..ask..and above all intervene...Are we idolzing our lord or do we crave for the 'Power of Imagination' our Lord had? Even in the parable the result of the good soil is given..100..60..30 folds..Commenteries suggest that an average good palestenian farmer did not reap more that 15 folds.

Thus the 'kingdom realization' is also out of the 'power of imagination'.

 May our Jesus, our Lord..Help us and guide us to be Impressed by the ordinary, inspired by the HS and attain the imagination of an extraordinary. 

Rev. Noble Abraham

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St.Mathew 13: 1-9 - Jesus never 'Idolized' to be an extraordinary rather He had the 'Imagination' of an extraordinary.
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